Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Why can’t I log in to my account?

A: Often this problem is directly related to browser configuration. In order to log into the linuxdlsazine website, please ensure that both cookies and Javascript are enabled in your browser.

Q: I have cookies and Javascript enabled and still can’t log in. What should I do?

A: You may be using an incorrect username or password. You can retrieve your username here. You can reset your password here.

Tag This!

Q: What is “Tag This!”?

A: Tag This! is a community tagging feature of the linuxdlsazine website that allow readers to tag any story on the site.

Q: What are tags?

A: Tags are keywords you choose. Use tags to categorize and organize stories by subject. Tagging a story lets you create your own personal collection of information, and discover information as others have categorized it.

Please note: linuxdlsazine reserves the right to moderate offensive or off-topic tags.

Q: Where can I see this in action?

A: You can find the tags for an article and the Tag This! button in the “Community Tools” box embedded in every story on the site. Click this link for an example.

Q: How do I post multiple tags on a story?

A: Separate your tags by commas. For example, entering “distros, linux, gutsy gibbon, ubuntu” would tag a story with four (4) tags.

Q: Who can post tags?

A: Anyone that has an active account on the linuxdlsazine website.

Q: Who will see my tags?

A: Everyone!

Q: Whoops! I messed up. Can I edit a tag I posted?

A: Not just yet, so doublecheck your tags before you post them. This feature will appear on the website soon.

Profile Pages

Q: What are profile pages?

A: Every user that registers with LinuxMagazine.com gets their own profile page. To find your profile page, you can visit http://www.linuxdls.com/user/[replace with a username]. On this this page, you can view a user’s comments, recommended stories, bio, tags and their overall community score.

Q: How do I update the the picture on my profile page?

A: Please see the section on Gravatars

Q: How do I update my bio?

A: If you’re logged in and viewing your profile page, just click on the bio text and an editable textarea will appear. Enter some text and click OK to update your bio. Your bio is publicly viewable.

Recommending Stories and “Users That Liked This”

Q: What is the “Users That Liked This” section?

A: When a user is logged into the LinuxMagazine.com website and recommends a story, their avatar is added to this list of users. You can click on a user’s avatar to visit their profile page and learn more about them.

Q: How do I recommend a story?

A: Any story that you give a rating of four or more stars to is considered “Recommended.” The article will then appear on your profile page under “Recommended Stories” and your avatar will appear under the “Users That Liked This” section for that article.

Q: If I do this are you going to put a picture of Tux there to represent me?

A: Tux is the default but you can easily change it by getting a Gravatar.

Community Score

Q: How are community point awarded?

A: The ways points are awarded is as follows:

  • Tags: Every story you tag is worth 2 points.
  • Comments: Every comment you post is worth 3 points.
  • Recommendations: Every story you recommend is worth 2 points.

Profile Pics

Q: How do I change my avatar?

A: linuxdls uses Gravatars to display profile pictures. If you have a Gravatar account then your pic should automatically appear next your comments. If you do not have a free Gravatar account you can sign up for one here in a matter of seconds.

Q: What if my Gravatar account and my linuxdls account use different email addresses?

A: Your Gravatar account supports multiple email address. You can manage that feature of your free account here.

Paper Downloads

Q: I can’t download any of the white papers or case studies. What’s wrong?

A: When you click the download button does a little box pop up with a “Loading” spinner? If not you don’t have Javascript enabled. You must have Javascript enabled to download papers from the linuxdlsazine website.

Vendor-Contributed Resources

Q: What does it cost to post a case study or white paper on the linuxdlsazine website?

A: Nothing. White paper and case study posting is free.

Q: Why must I register my company before I post my resource?

A: We do this to ensure the best possible user experience for our readers. By doing this, we are able to group all of your company’s contributed resources in a single location.

Q: I posted my paper but it’s not appearing on the website. Why not?

A: All submissions must be reviewed by our editors and approved before being posted to the website. You will receive an email notification when your submission has been approved.

Q: I received an email saying my paper submission wasn’t approved. Why?

A: There are generally two possible reasons why a paper won’t be approved. 1) We felt the submission was not a good fit for our audience or 2) The URL submitted was to a registration firewall and not to the actual paper.

Q: Why do I have to link directly to the paper’s file?

A: For a user to download papers on the linuxdlsazine website they must have an active account with us and be logged in. Linking to a registration form instead of the actual file forces users to “register” twice and will depress downloads.

Press Releases

Q: How can I get my press release to appear on the LM website?

A: The press releases that appear on the LM website are made possible via the PR Newswire service. If you Linux or Open Source-related press release has been submitted to PR Newswire, there is a very good chance that it will appear on the LM website.

Q: Can I submit my press release directly to you for inclusion on the website?

A: No. Unfortunately due to the volume of press releases we receive, we cannot repost vendor press releases on the LM website. You must use the PR Newswire service.