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Churning Butter(FS): An Interview with Chris Mason

The founder of btrfs talks about features, terabyte raid arrays and comparisons with ZFS.

Following up our introductory article on “Butter FS” (See Linux Don’t Need No Stinkin’ ZFS: BTRFS Intro & Benchmarks), Jeff Layton talked with Chris Mason, Director of Linux Kernel Engineering at Oracle and the founder and lead developer of Btrfs.

Jeff Layton What was the motivation behind the development of btrfs? Was it in response to Sun’s ZFS

Chris Mason Starting Btrfs was less about ZFS than it was about making sure that Linux is able to keep up with the massive storage devices that are coming out in the next 10 years.

The main goal is flexible management of storage, and making sure that all of the normal administrative tasks can be done online.

JL What are the key features in btrfs that people are looking for?

CM One important part about Btrfs development is that we wanted to focus on features…

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