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Size Can Matter: Throughput Performance with a Disk-Based Journal - Part 4

Turning from Metadata performance to throughput performance, we examines the impact of journal size on ext4 when the journal is disk-based. Dig into the numbers and see what you can do to improve throughput performance.

Metadata performance is one of the most overlooked aspects of file system performance. It can have a tremendous impact on how the performance of a file system “feels” and, perhaps more importantly, can affect the execution time of applications that do a great deal of metadata (and, believe me, there are some). However, there are applications that do a great deal of streaming of data to the file system. Consequently, there are driven by throughput performance, not metadata performance. Besides, most people quote the performance of systems in terms of throughput so it’s always good to present results where people have an innate understanding of the results. In this article we use IOzone to measure throughput performance for various journal sizes when the journal is located on a separate disk. The block size is also varied to understand the impact of block size on throughput performance. The results can…

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