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OCFS2: Unappreciated Linux File System

It’s common knowledge that Linux has a fair number of file systems. Some of these are unappreciated and can be very useful outside their “comfort zone”. OCFS2 is a clustered file system initially contributed by Oracle and can be a great back-end file system for general, shared storage needs.

Lately I’ve been talking about NAS servers focusing on NFS. One of the difficult aspects to a NAS server is how to properly expand it in terms of capacity and performance. In many situations you are limited to the capacity provided by the server/storage which depends upon the hardware but in almost all situations you are limited to a single NFS gateway because the underlying file system is local to the server (Note: there are exceptions but they are proprietary and many times that means more money). Wouldn’t it be nice to scale the storage as needed and share it across multiple NFS gateways (or even CIFS gateways)? One approach to this is a clustered file system.

A clustered file system is one that is mounted on multiple servers at the same time. This involves some sort of shared disk (shared storage) system that is typically a SAN or an…

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