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Blowing The Doors Off HPC Speed-up Numbers

A recent paper by Intel provides some hard data on CPU vs GP-GPU speed-up numbers.

The expression “blow your doors off” is often used to indicate fast performance. I believe the expression references a car going so fast that it “blew the doors off” the slower vehicle. I have never seen such and occurrence and find it hard to imagine what if anything, except for adroit placement of explosives, could actually remove a closed car door. I suspect bad physics in movies makes us a bit more susceptible to such images.

As silly as the expression is, my experience tells me that it is often used when something is much faster than something else. As a trained scientist, however, I want to know quantitatively how much faster. In the past, I have often replied to such proclamations on the Beowulf Mailing list, with “could you please quantify your observation?” As I recall, I don’t think I ever got a response. Because HPC is about…

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