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Posts Tagged with 'cluster'

A Cluster In Your Pocket
Cell phone processors are getting more powerful. Is a cell phone cluster possible?
Cluster In The Clouds
The new Amazon EC2 Cluster Compute Instance may be a game changer in HPC
Low Cost/Power HPC
The low power Intel Atom offers some interesting possibilities for HPC. Does it make sense to try this approach?
Intel's Single-chip Cluster Computer (SSC)
Intel recently released an experimental processor that resembles a cluster on a chip.
Getting Intense About Data: The SDSC Gordon Cluster
One of the challenges facing HPC are I/O rates and new clusters designs are paving the way to new levels of performance.
You Need A Cloud Based Grid Supercomputing Cluster
Are you a Geek or a Droid? Take the simple quiz to find out!
When HPC Is Not An Afterthought
Hitching a ride to a fast moving technology is a welcome trend
The Core-Diameter
How big of a cluster can you build? With a little math and the speed of light you can find out.
Don Becker On The State Of HPC
A Beowulf pioneer provides insights and experience from the HPC trenches.
From Clusters To Clouds: xCAT 2 Is Out Of The Bag
"It's a bunch of scientists that don't know enough about system administration to realize that systems need administration." -- Daniel O. Cummings on scientists with supercomputers.
Marching Penguins: Monitoring Your HPC Cluster
Getting into Ganglia for a scalable and flexible solution to the problem of cluster monitoring.
Perceus/Warewulf: Tres Cool Cluster Tool
Using Perceus/Warewulf as your Cluster Management System (CMS) can speed cluster setup and deployment by automating a number of repetitive tasks.
Linux Virtual Server Clusters
A Linux Virtual Server cluster is a highly-scalable and highly-available network service cluster built on a set of real servers. Here's how they work, and how you can set one up yourself.
Configuring a Beowulf Cluster
Without serious Linux savvy, in- stallation and administration of a Beowulf cluster can be cumbersome and time con- suming, particularly when the cluster consists of more than a handful of nodes. Lack of a single system image -- one operating system controlling all nodes simultaneously -- makes day-to-day administration challenging. The result is that, without software tools, you must maintain each node individually.