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Posts Tagged with 'hpc'

Small Hardware and Big Software at SC10
The promise of a sofa at SC10 has all the hallmarks of a successful trade show.
High Performance Community
The often forgotten community aspect of HPC gets remembered each year at the fall Supercomputing conference.
Talk About HPC Bang For Your Buck, How About Ka-Boom For The Server Room
An HPC product review featuring the Appro 1U Tetra GP-GPU server
More on Multi-core
Multi-core has made it to cell phones. Doug follows up on some recent stories about low power cell phone clusters and high power multi-core memory performance
Moving HPC Closer to The Desktop
Cloud and Multi-core offer new modes of High Performance Computing. Will it suit your needs?
Cluster In The Clouds
The new Amazon EC2 Cluster Compute Instance may be a game changer in HPC
Blowing The Doors Off HPC Speed-up Numbers
A recent paper by Intel provides some hard data on CPU vs GP-GPU speed-up numbers.
A Second Smattering of SC09 Videos
This week we hear from Intel, Numascale, and Mellanox. Plus some thoughts on single node HPC solutions
When HPC Is Not An Afterthought
Hitching a ride to a fast moving technology is a welcome trend
One Node For One Process
Hybridizing MPI applications with cores and GP-GPUs. Is this a good idea?
Eating, Smashing, and Mixing
The acquisition of Sun by Oracle raises many questions and recalls some past experiences
Don Becker On The State Of HPC
A Beowulf pioneer provides insights and experience from the HPC trenches.
Commodity Software
Commodity hardware is the norm in HPC. What about commodity software?
Scaling Bandwidth
SMPs may have cores, but clusters have bandwidth.
Small HPC
Will multi-core split HPC into two programming camps? Which one will you join?
Multi-core Clip Show
Yet another multicore rant. This one is triggered by the recent Multicore Expo.
HPC Hardware is Free
In the big picture HPC hardware is a small part of the economic equation. What are the big parts?
10GE is Ready for Your Cluster
The wait is over. Next generation Gigabit Ethernet has hit the ground running
Marching Penguins: Monitoring Your HPC Cluster
Getting into Ganglia for a scalable and flexible solution to the problem of cluster monitoring.
Processor Bifurcation
The processor market is diverging between two paths, the general and the predictable. Where does HPC hitch it's wagon?
Not Necessarily Parallel
Parallel fundamentals, what constitutes an actual parallel program, and why some applications may or may not run faster on multi-core systems.
MPI in Thirty Minutes
Learn how to obtain, build, and use an MPI stack for Linux machines. This tutorial will take you from "hello world" to parallel matrix multiplication in a matter of minutes.
It's time for the yearly batch of retrospectives and predictions. Count me in! Let's see, the big thing of 2007? Well, that had to be multi-core. And, the big prediction for 2008? Why that would be multi-core, once again. There, I'm done. Enjoy your year.
Parallel Platters: File Systems for HPC Clusters Part Three
In the last installment of our Parallel Platters series, Jeff Layton looks at the next generation of parallel file systems: Object Based File Systems.
Parallel Platters: File Systems for HPC Clusters (Part One)
High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters are easier, and cheaper, than ever to put together. If you have an interest in pulling together your own cluster, or maybe you just want to understand more about cluster technology, it’s necessary to grok the differences between clusters and standard systems.
HPC User Group (HUG)
Welcome to the NYCA-HUG
The CIO's Guide to Mobile Security
M86 Security
Real Time Code Analysis: Proactive Protection Against Malware Threats
Measuring Power in Your Data Center
Astaro Outperforms Cisco as an Integrated Security Solution at Devine Millimet
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