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Posts Tagged with 'intel'

HPC Past and Present: Remembering the i8087
Where do all good ideas go? Into the CPU of course.
Talk About HPC Bang For Your Buck, How About Ka-Boom For The Server Room
An HPC product review featuring the Appro 1U Tetra GP-GPU server
Blowing The Doors Off HPC Speed-up Numbers
A recent paper by Intel provides some hard data on CPU vs GP-GPU speed-up numbers.
Low Cost/Power HPC
The low power Intel Atom offers some interesting possibilities for HPC. Does it make sense to try this approach?
Intel's Single-chip Cluster Computer (SSC)
Intel recently released an experimental processor that resembles a cluster on a chip.
Lights, Camera, Android: Is Google TV Getting Ready for a Close Up?
Rumors of a Google TV appliance continues to blur the lines of platform and market -- and perhaps brings App developers yet another opportunity to sell their 'wares
HPC Madness: March Is More Cores Month
This month we are supposed to hear about new multi-core processors from both AMD and Intel. Should we be happy?
From Ct to InfiniBand, The inside Scoop from SC09
A new year is upon us, but wait, I'm not done with the old one yet!
Eating Your Own Tail: HPC in 2009
Truth is stranger than fiction. The connection that helped end HPC careers and companies in 2009
A Second Smattering of SC09 Videos
This week we hear from Intel, Numascale, and Mellanox. Plus some thoughts on single node HPC solutions
Drizzle: Rethinking the MySQL Database Kernel
Drizzle is a re-thought and re-worked version of the MySQL kernel designed specifically for high-performance, high-concurrency environments. In this exclusive article, MySQL guru Jeremy Zawodny takes an inside look at the goals and state of Drizzle development.
Moblin v2.0 Beta: Linux Netbook's Best Hope?
Can Intel's Moblin revive the ailing Linux netbook market? The Moblin v2.0 beta release is giving it a try with a very slick update.