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Remove Remote Connectivity Static with Dynamic DNS
Ever-changing IP addresses are an annoyance but you can clear up your remote connectivity static with Dynamic DNS services.
Dropbox: Painless and Free Backup
If you use several computers, sharing files between them is a pain but Dropbox takes the pain away--for free.
Command Line Audio: Simple as mpg123
Your mileage may vary with mpg123 but your MP3 listening enjoyment never will.
Are You Expecting? Your Boss Should Know
The quest to save labor makes us do some crazy things but when you're expecting, there is an easier way.
The Persistence of Time
Where does the time go? If you've ever had to ask this question, NTP can give you the answer time and again.
NTP: Timing is Everything
If your system time keeps on slippin', slippin', slippin' into the future -- or the past -- it's time to fix it with NTP.
Disk Space: The Final Frontier
Disk space is always at a premium but how do you handle it when you have a disk or filesystem that's full? After today, you'll know how to boldly go into that dark realm.
Swatch: The Simple Log Watcher
You'll always know what time it is with swatch, a real time monitoring tool for your logs.
From the Sys Admin Toolbox: Logwatch
Q: What did one lumberjack say to the other lumberjack? A: Watch those logs.
From the ACLU: Know Your Rights
Know your rights. Protect your rights. Another lesson from the ACLU.
Linux File Security Training at the ACLU
If user and group management has you in a quandary, it's time to take the advanced filesystem security class at the ACLU.
Linux System Information Decoded
System Administrator Dilemma #942: Send a Data Center Service Tech out to pop open the case to tell you what's in your system or use two simple commands.
Do You Have an Aptitude for Software?
If you think smart is intelligent or if you think yum is tasty, aptitude will expand your thoughts with attitude.
Stop Wine-ing: 15 Games for Linux
Time to kill? Check. Running Linux? Check. Now, here's the last piece of that puzzle: 15 current and future gaming options that don't require Windows.
GoAhead Software Goes Ahead with Open Source
GoAhead Software, high-availability middleware vendor, shifts to an open source business model.
Five Easy Ways to Secure Your Linux System
When it comes to system security, there's no single correct solution. But with vigilance and these techniques, you will be five steps closer.
Got Security? You're in Denial
Do you think your systems are secure? Install DenyHosts and you'll realize that you were in denial.
KDE 4.4: Does It Work Yet?
A confirmed GNOME superfan takes a new look at KDE 4.4 and likes it.
Whose Platform is it, Anyway?
Cloud computing, virtualization and mobile devices take the 'proprietary' out of computing--at least for the consumer. Just think of the possibilities.
New Decade Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of Tarballs
There's a front moving in and it looks like long overdue drought relief. Keep your umbrella handy--it looks like a virtual deluge.
Will Appliances Replace Standard VMs?
Put your virtual machine footprint on a diet with appliances.
Expecting to Fail
How can you help to ensure availability of a of a web site or other network service? We'll look at some of the techniques at our disposal.
Time to Taste the Android Donut
With the release of Android 1.6 a.k.a. "Donut", Android continues its path towards main-stream mobile acceptance
Ten Things You Didn't Know Apache (2.2) Could Do
Apache 2.2 has some great hidden treasures in it that a lot of folks are simply unaware of.
The Parallels of Hosting
Which virtualization technology would you choose if you owned a hosting company? The answer by those who do might surprise you.
Tiny Core: The Little Distro That Could
The way we use computers is changing, but Linux isn't standing still. Tiny Core is a minimal Linux distribution that boots a complete live system for every day use. Its foundation and unique approach to the desktop helps it achieve certain goals like preventing system rot and ensuring your system is fresh every time it boots.
Microsoft Patches Linux; Linus Responds
Microsoft has released code for inclusion in the Linux kernel, but should it be accepted? Linus Torvalds gives his perspective.
A Portable Hypervisor: Part One
A pocket-sized hypervisor is the stuff of dreams and sometimes dreams do come true.
Interview with Ksplice Co-Founder
Ksplice is an amazing new technology which allows patches to be applied directly into a running kernel, without needing a reboot. linuxdlsazine talks with co-founder and Chief Operating Officer and discusses the origins of the project and what it has to offer.
Three Books Every System Administrator Should Read
Go get a copy of these books. The investment will pay huge dividends.
Yum, It's Starting to Get Tasty
The release of Fedora 11 promises numerous new improvements. One such improvement is an updated and more efficient package manager. How does it compare to the previous release, version 10?
Is Android The Perfect Mobile Software Platform?
Is Android an iPhone killer or is it just another failed attempt at taking Linux mainstream on a mobile phone?
Forget Windows, the Real Competition is the iPhone
Linux cracks 1% of the OS client market. But does this represent the path forward, or the beginning of the end?
Linux Runs on Text: Understanding & Handling Text
Text plays a central role in the Linux operating system. Take better control of your system with a firm understanding of what text is and how best to handle, format and convert it.
linuxdlsazine's Top 20 Companies to Watch in 2009
Once again -- with remarkable clarity -- we peer into our crystal ball and pick which companies in and around open source are going to grab your attention in 2009.
Linux for Small Systems
Short on horsepower? Less is more when it's powered by Linux.
Dump Microsoft Access, Get Kexi
Billed as the "Microsoft Access for Linux," Kexi is an integrated data management application that allows you to easily work with SQLite, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases.
Webmin: Integrated System Administration in the Browser
For novice and intermediate administrators who may not yet be familiar with every feature of Linux, Webmin can be a huge time saver and take some of the guesswork out of error-prone tasks.
Gandalf! Monitor Your Machines with Hobbit
Not quite a ring of power, but Hobbit can take some of the pain out of machine, network and services management.
Sun Launches OpenSolaris on a Post-OS World
Because you were probably just thinking that your choices on operating systems were feeling a little limited.
MPI in Thirty Minutes
Learn how to obtain, build, and use an MPI stack for Linux machines. This tutorial will take you from "hello world" to parallel matrix multiplication in a matter of minutes.
Are You Getting a Dell?
Dell's pre-installing Ubuntu. Now the question is whether the community is buying. Take our informal poll and let us know what Dell is doing right and what they still need to work on.
Making Sense of System Performance
A number of old-fashioned tools can prevent very modern problems
Simplifying Remote VNC Logins
Virtual Network Computing (VNC) is an increasingly popular remote-access protocol. VNC is available for Linux, Windows, Mac OS, and others. (If you're unfamiliar with VNC or don't have VNC installed on your Linux system, see this month's "Tech Support" column on page 62 for instructions on how to install and use VNC.)