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Posts Tagged with 'security'

Swatch: The Simple Log Watcher
You'll always know what time it is with swatch, a real time monitoring tool for your logs.
From the ACLU: Know Your Rights
Know your rights. Protect your rights. Another lesson from the ACLU.
Linux File Security Training at the ACLU
If user and group management has you in a quandary, it's time to take the advanced filesystem security class at the ACLU.
Five Easy Ways to Secure Your Linux System
When it comes to system security, there's no single correct solution. But with vigilance and these techniques, you will be five steps closer.
Got Security? You're in Denial
Do you think your systems are secure? Install DenyHosts and you'll realize that you were in denial.
Klaatu Recommends Nikto for Web Security
Download and use Nikto before an attacker reduces your website to a burned-out cinder.
Virtual Machines are No Security Blanket
Contrary to popular belief, virtual machines are no more secure than physical machines. They are also no less so.
Tempting Those Blackhatted Poohs with a Taste of Virtual Honey
Providing a little taste of honey to would-be intruders could save the whole hive from greedy paws.
Simple Software Firewall with a Twist
Mitigate attacks with this simple to setup and deploy desktop firewall.
Enhance Security with Port Knocking
The author of All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten left out (at least) one important lesson: Secret knocks are really, really useful. As kids, we'd use secret knocks to keep undesirables (the kids we didn't like) out of our clubs or rooms. As system administrators, we can use secret knocks to protect our systems from crackers.
Finding Rootkits, Infections, and Files
Last month's "Tech Support" showed you how to monitor filesystem changes with Tripwire, a handy system utility that alerts you to all filesystem changes. Like SNORT and others, Tripwire's just one of many practical security measures that minds your system 24/7.