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Posts Tagged with 'virtualization'

Up and Running with KVM, Ubuntu Style: Part One
KVM, Red Hat's darling enterprise virtualization solution runs on Ubuntu. Let's not tell Red Hat.
Virtualization Through Thick and Thin
Thin provisioning sounds like a good idea in theory, and sometimes it is, but when it goes bad, it really goes bad.
VirtualBox's Little Secret: The Command Line
Casual VirtualBox users might not know about the awesome power that lurks just beneath the surface in the Command Line Interface (CLI).
Virtual Machines are No Security Blanket
Contrary to popular belief, virtual machines are no more secure than physical machines. They are also no less so.
Whose Platform is it, Anyway?
Cloud computing, virtualization and mobile devices take the 'proprietary' out of computing--at least for the consumer. Just think of the possibilities.
New Decade Forecast: Cloudy with a Chance of Tarballs
There's a front moving in and it looks like long overdue drought relief. Keep your umbrella handy--it looks like a virtual deluge.
2010 and the Fate of Your (Virtual) Desktop
Do you think that converting your clunky, maintenance-burdened physical desktop OS to a clunky, maintenance-burdened VM will save you some money? Think again.
2010: A Virtual Retrospective
Looking back on 2010 and what's ahead for 2011.
Tempting Those Blackhatted Poohs with a Taste of Virtual Honey
Providing a little taste of honey to would-be intruders could save the whole hive from greedy paws.
What's GNU in Virtualization
What's better than virtualization? How about free virtualization?
Windows 7 is More Than Just a Windows XP Virtual Host, Part One
And now for something completely different for Windows: Virtual Hard Drives.
Windows 7 a la XP Mode
Windows 7 arrives virtualization enabled. And a free copy of Windows XP to boot and reboot.
Which Major Hypervisor is Cheaper? Does it Matter?
The search for the answer to this ultimate question is a noble yet daunting quest. Licensing obfuscation makes the answer the stuff of Sherlock Holmes novels and fortuneteller quarry.
Got Training? Go Virtual.
An inexpensive classroom is as close as your local hypervisor.
Will Appliances Replace Standard VMs?
Put your virtual machine footprint on a diet with appliances.
Virtualization Makes Traditional Operating Systems Obsolete
When function surpasses form, the operating system drops out of the equation.
A Virtual OS for My Hypervisor Please
When will someone develop an operating system that's virtualization optimized?
It's a VMworld After All -- But For How Long?
Will pressure from Microsoft, Citrix and Red Hat prove to be too much opposition for VMware's now precarious lead position?
The Parallels of Hosting
Which virtualization technology would you choose if you owned a hosting company? The answer by those who do might surprise you.
A Portable Hypervisor: Part Three
Booting into Hyper-V R2 not exciting enough for you? How about booting it from a USB drive?
A Portable Hypervisor: Part Two
Microsoft's Hyper-V lives comfortably on a USB Flash Drive.
Over There Vs. Over Here
Matching the right solution with the right problem takes skill, flexibility, and a little luck.
Don Becker On The State Of HPC
A Beowulf pioneer provides insights and experience from the HPC trenches.
Taking Microsoft's Hyper-V R2 for a Spin
Is Microsoft's latest Hyper-V incarnation track-ready? We take it for a spin to find out.
Microsoft Patches Linux; Linus Responds
Microsoft has released code for inclusion in the Linux kernel, but should it be accepted? Linus Torvalds gives his perspective.
A Portable Hypervisor: Part One
A pocket-sized hypervisor is the stuff of dreams and sometimes dreams do come true.
Has Virtualization Made Capacity Planning Obsolete?
Are the days of IT's ultra-geeks are numbered with the introduction of virtual data centers and cloud computing?
Upping the Ante from Virtual PC to Hyper-V
Long shot or sure thing -- what's it like to go "all in" with Hyper-V?
My Midsummer Night's Dream of A Virtual Lab
I have had a dream, past the wit of man to say what dream it was. 'Twas something virtual and free, as in ale or speech, to me.
OVF to VM and Back Again
Do you need to deliver your appliances in smaller packages or do you have an OVF and don't know how to use it? This how-to unravels the OVF mystery.
XenServer 5: First Impressions
Putting XenServer 5 through its paces; getting hands-on with Citrix's latest virtualization solution.
Everything Xen. Everything Xen. I Don't Think So.
Should you rely on a single virtualization technology or should you diversify?
The Lazy System Administrator's Way to Virtualize
The easiest, quickest, and cheapest virtualization method is at your fingertips -- you'll want to get to know OS-level virtualization.
5 Ways to Know You're Ready for Virtualization
You've heard the hype, now it's time to measure if you really need to jump into the virtualization fray.
Viva Virtualization: Redefining the Desktop
The rise of non-Windows operating systems in the enterprise and the easy availability of powerful hardware is killing the "one OS for one box" model. This is a good thing because it allows users to easily work with, test on, and develop for multiple operating systems. And the best way to accomplish this is with virtualization.
Virtualization for Embedded Systems
Virtualization has recently become important technology for embedded systems. So, it is important for embedded-systems developers to understand the power and limitations of virtualization. This paper presents an introduction to virtualization technology and specifically discusses its application to embedded systems. It explains the inherent differences between the enterprise-systems style of virtualization and embedded system virtualization. It explains virtualization’s benefits in embedded systems, and with regard to security and IP protection. It discusses the limitations of plain virtualization approaches in embedded systems. These relate to the highly-integrated nature of embedded systems, specifically security and reliability requirements. It presents the microkernel approach to virtualization, and explains the microkernel’s suitability for embedded systems. It shows how microkernels like Open Kernel’s OKL4 technology overcome limitations of plain virtualization.
Virtualization 101
Being technical, you're probably eager to jump into the "how" of virt. But let's take a step back for a minute and look at just "what" this technology is.
How to Develop Virtual Appliances Using Ubuntu JeOS
Ubuntu JeOS (pronounced" juice") is an efficient variant of the Ubuntu Server operating system, configured specifically for virtual appliances. Soren Hansen and Nick Barcet discuss how to use JeOS to create your own virtual appliance to help distribute your applications.
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