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Posts Tagged with 'wizard boot camp'

Wizard Boot Camp, Part 10: Utilities You Should Know
The time has come to leave Hogwarts, young wizard! We wrap up our ten-part series on becoming a command-line wizard with a look at more utilities you should know.
Wizard Boot Camp, Part Nine: (More) Utilities You Should Know
We're starting to wrap things up with the Wizard series. This time around we expand on the utilities that should be at your fingertips.
Wizard Boot Camp, Part Eight: Utilities You Should Know
Before you reach for that scripting language, make sure you're making the most of the shell utilities that you have at your fingertips!
Wizard Boot Camp, Part Seven: /proc Process-Info
Digging into the dark corners of /proc pseudo-filesystem to wrap up our discussion of Linux processes.
Wizard Boot Camp, Part Six: Daemons & Subshells
More about processes and signals: writing daemons, suspending subshells.
Wizard Boot Camp, Part Five: Control Processes Using Signals
A true wizard doesn't just run processes, a true wizard knows how to communicate with those processes through signals to stop, restart, and even kill processes. This may sound like arcane and obscure knowledge, but if you follow along, you'll be managing your processes like an adept in no time.
Wizard Boot Camp, Part Four: Tracking Processes
You probably already know you can examine process status with ps, but most users never embrace the full power of this great little utility.
Wizard Boot Camp, Part Three: Using Standard I/O from Shells
Last month's column, the second in this series of obscure Linux features that wizards should know, introduced Standard I/O. This month we'll see how to take advantage of Standard I/O from a shell-- including an example using named pipes (FIFOs).
Wizard Boot Camp, Part Two: Intro to Standard I/O
In the second installment of the "Boot Camp for Wizards" series, Jerry Peek continues with a discussion of the standard I/O system.
Wizard Boot Camp, Part One: Linux, Shells & Commands
Here's the start of a series on little-known topics that wizards should know. Knowledge of the Harry Potter series not required.