Making the Evolutionary Leap from Meerkat to Narwhal
If you're using Maverick Meerkat (Ubuntu 10.10) or an older distribution, Natty Narwhat is a whole new animal.
CentOS 5.6 Finally Arrives: Is It Suitable for Business Use?
CentOS bills itself as an alternative to RHEL or Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, but can you trust it to run your business?
Rooting a Nook Color: Is it Worth It?
Looking for a good, cheap Android tablet? Lots of folks recommend grabbing a Barnes & Noble Color Nook and then rooting it to make an Android tablet. Is it worth it? Depends on what you expect from a tablet computer.
Google’s Wrongheaded Approach to Android
Google took a step backward with Honeycomb last week. Instead of locking the source they should start treating Android as a real open source project and start enforcing the Android trademark.
LMTV Video Response Contest: What Makes Linux Better?
Tell us what top three things you believe make Linux better than any other operating system for a chance to win a linuxdlsazine t-shirt. We'll judge submissions on originality and creativity and select a winner the week of April 4th. See the video for more details.
Red Hat and the Kernel Kerfluffle
Recent changes to how RHEL kernel patches are distributed is creating barriers for developers. Why did Red Hat make this change? To stay competitive.
Apple Keeps Android Tablets at Bay with the iPad2
The iPad 2 isn't a "magical" update of the iPad, but it's an incremental update that's good enough to keep Apple on top of the tablet market for another year. Sad panda for Android.
Interview: Ted Gould on Ubuntu Unity
linuxdlsazine's Senior Software Editor Brockmeier, talks with Ted Gould of Canonical about the upcoming release of Ubuntu Unity. In this interview Ted touches on Unity's UI design decisions, hardware drivers and bundled software.
Upstreams, Downstreams, and Revenue Streams in Ubuntu
Just because you can do something, doesn't mean you should. Case in point: Vendors can take a hefty cut of the profits from applications sold through their app stores or shipped by default. But should they?
Debian 6: First Impressions
If you can get past the "Emperor's new clothes," it's the same old Debian.
First Look at openSUSE 11.4
If you're looking for excitement, the openSUSE 11.4 release is probably not for you. On the other hand, Linux users who like boring, dependable, and usable should look a bit more closely. While openSUSE isn't chock full of changes, it does provide a solid no-nonsense distro for the adult in you.
Send in the Clones: The Long Wait for CentOS 6
Forget Godot, we're waiting for CentOS 6. If you hoped to have a shiny new CentOS release under the Christmas tree, you were disappointed. 2010 slipped by, still no release. Hoping to surprise your honey with CentOS 6 on Valentine's Day? Maybe. If you're lucky.
Mepis Goes to 11
It's not the best-known distribution, but Mepis still has its fans. The Debian-based distro is getting very close to its final 11 release. With a major version bump (last release was 8.5) Mepis 11 has a lot to live up to.
First LibreOffice Stable Release Nears: What Now?
LibreOffice's first release is near, but what comes next? It's time for LibreOffice to distinguish itself as more than a clone of Microsoft Office or OpenOffice.org.
Linux Mint Debian Edition 10: Rolling Release Nirvana
Linux Mint Debian Edition 10 is out, and it's just what the doctor ordered for Linux gearheads who want a rolling release with the extra touches that make Mint unique.
MeeGo’s Community Woes: Improvement in 2011?
Though MeeGo shows a lot of promise, the project is not making the most of the open source developer community. Here's what's wrong, and what MeeGo needs to do better in 2011.
Top 10 Distribution Developments in 2010
Yes, it's that time of year. Eggnog, fruitcake, tangled lights, crowded stores, bad weather — and the annual industry retrospectives. You can't argue with tradition, though, and 2010 was a very interesting year for Linux and open source. Let's take a look back at 2010 and see whether it was naughty or nice.
Linux Mint 10: A Perfect 10?
Linux Mint is back and better than ever with the Linux Mint 10 release. Though it's not a massive update on Linux Mint 9, this comes with enough polish and new features that it's well worth the upgrade.
Who’s to Blame for the Linux Kernel?
Ever wonder who contributes the most to the Linux kernel? Of course you have. Here's a hint: It's not Canonical, certainly not Microsoft, and you might be surprised which companies crack the top 20 and where.
It’s Not Easy Being Green: Life for SUSE with Attachmate
Attachmate buying Novell came as a bit of a surprise to industry watchers, but now that the deal is inked (but not closed) what does it mean for SUSE, openSUSE, and the rest of the Linux industry?